Decision FOR donation

How can I give my consent for donation after death?

If you wish to become a donor,  you can communicate your decision to an authorized person at one of the  donor registration points located in health care institutions, some pharmacies and some local Red Cross units. You must bring a personal document and your health insurance card. You will be asked to complete a special form, the Donor Statement, and  your identity will be verified. Your statement will be sent by registered mail to Slovenia Transplant.


Can I change my mind and withdraw my Donor Statement?


As a registered donor, you have every moral right to withdraw your initial consent for donation after death.


Your decision to donate parts of your body  after death to be used as transplants for the purpose of medical treatment is recorded in the health insurance information system. On the basis of your signed Donor Statement, Slovenia Transplant staff enter your details into a special protected data base maintained by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.


Data protection


Data on a person's willingness for donation after death are accessible exclusively to the authorized physican - transplant coordinator, who is responsible for the field of donation after death in each hospital. This information can be accessed only  with a special computer programme and a special Professional Card. All Slovene citizens can personally check their data in  the Slovenia Transplant office.


Organ donation is anonymous

Donation of organs is completely anonymous. Therefore recipients can under no circumstances obtain personal information about their donors. Similarly, the donor's family have no access to personal data about the recipient/s, the only information they can get is whether an organ was transplanted or not.


Additional information:

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