The tasks of Slovenia transplant

  • promotion and support of the donor and transplant program
  • coordination of transplant activities on the national and international level
  • supervision of all transplant activities on the national level

On the basis of the transplant law


adopted by the parliament of the Republic of Slovenia (RS) and issued by the President of the RS in the year 2000) the new implementing regulations have been issued by the minister of health:

In the years 2001 / 2002 minister issued:

  • the procedure of reporting on dead persons considered to be potential donors
  • the structure of the Ethics Commission for Transplantations, the nomination of its members, and the rules on the Commission’s work.
  • rules on detailed medical criteria, the method and procedure of establishing brain death, and the structure of the brain death determination commission.

In the year 2003 minister issued:

  • the policy on the management of waiting lists
  • the policy on cooperation with related foreign and international organisations, and on the exchange of human body parts with other countries
  • the policy on keeping records of removals and transplantations
  • the policy on the preservation and transport of human body parts intended for transplantation
  • the conditions for the development of a national programme for bone-marrow transplantation from unrelated donors and on the functioning of the register of potential bone-marrow donors
  • the policy on safeguarding donors’ and recipients’ personal data
  • the procedures of collection, storage and use of haematopoietic stem cells.

The Minister has nominated the laboratory to carry out tissue-typing and histocompatibility tests for the needs of Slovenia.

We are preparing also the regulations:

  • on the policy of the work of transplant coordinators in health institutions,
  • on the staff, premises, technical and other requirements to be met in order to be granted permission to carry out services of removal, transplantation and preservation of body parts,
  • the policy on testing donors for transmittable illnesses.